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Balance LEP is here to help you and your child take charge of their emotional wellbeing. With 9 years of experience, Balance specializes in teaching skills for emotional regulation for kids 6 and up. Find balance today.


Meet Our Licensed Educational Psychologist, Jennifer Judy

At Balance, our licensed educational psychologist has 9 years of experience providing mental health and behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and families. Our focus is on creating a safe, supportive, and empowering environment where our clients can thrive.

Our Services

Educationally Related Psychological Services for Kids


Individual and Family Counseling

Our licensed educational psychologist provides individual and family counseling services to help children and families navigate life's challenges. Jennifer specializes in student with disabilities, including autism and ADHD, as well as students with anxiety and depression.  Sessions with child or family members available.  Jennifer uses CBT, ACT and IFS therapy techniques.  Free consultation on zoom or phone available.

Workshops and Programs

In addition to our individual counseling services, we also offer workshops and programs to promote mental health and wellness. Our programs focus on building resilience, developing coping skills, and fostering empathy and connection.  These include yoga and mindful work, as well as elements of CBT and ACT.  Former parents of students are available for reference on request.

"Our daughter has big feelings and we were struggling with how best to help her process those feelings. I had high hopes when I signed her up for the Balance workshop series. Jenn formed a bond with our daughter that was evident from the first day. Jenn provided her with terminology/words for her feelings and exercises to practice calming her mind when feelings overwhelm her. The workshops provided a place and a focus to talk about those feelings and have fun at the same time! We really appreciated how Jenn sent home notes after each workshop describing what they did each day and provided tips on how best we could continue the work at home. Our daughter loved to show us the yoga poses she learned each day! Our daughter flourished during this workshop series and we highly recommend this program for other parents looking to help kids with big feelings."- T.M., parent
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